Sunday, May 17, 2009

La Oficina aka The Office

Once upon a time there was a little car. She liked to go many places and she carries many interesting things. Sometimes she carries people. The missionaries that I go with fondly refer to her as "la oficina" or "the office" because they leave their stuff in her while we go into church. Sometimes she carries plants. Sometimes she carries bags of dirt or bags of bark. She has even carried bags of manure for the garden. The other night, my friend and I went to Home Depot to get some stuff for my friend's yard and she was concerned about my car carrying all of the stuff that she was buying, but I wasn't worried because "la oficina" carries many, many things.

This week she carried something new that she hadn't carried before - trees. Kj asked me to pick up some peach trees for him. In my imagination, the trees would be fairly flexible as young saplings are. So off I went to the greenhouse/nursery to buy the two trees. I looked for the right kind and then I thought that they would do. So I bought them and pulled them out in the little red wagon that they have there. Of course I was wearing my new white blouse and nice skirt. I decided to put the short one in the back seat, so I put the first one in and it fit just fine. Then I slid the front seat all the way back and started putting in the taller one. When I tried to bend the trunk to get it in, I knew it wouldn't work. Then I racked my brain to think what to do next. I had a brilliant idea to roll down the window and I angled the trunk through the open window and closed the door. It was great! Then I tried to drive slowly so the leaves didn't all blow off the trees. And "la oficina" did it one more time - she had a successful hauling trip and we arrived safe and sound with two trees in tow. I tried to get a picture with both trees in view, but the light and the angle didn't work so well, so here is the only one you get. I must say that not only "la oficina" had provided lots of good transportation, she also carries many, many varieties of things. And I'm grateful. As small as she is, she carries lots of stuff! And I hope she will continue to want to play for many years to come!