Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Boat Race

One of my scouts came over to build his Raingutter Regatta and this is how it turned out. He was really excited with how it came out. I was pleased too. During the first race, he did really well and it went really fast. Then the second round, he had taped the sail so it didn't turn around when he blew it and then it didn't go as fast. I am not sure why. It turned out really well. The boys had so much fun and they were so excited. There were some really creative boats. At our pack meeting, we had more people there than we have ever had since I started working in scouts. Two of my scouts turned 11 this month, so now we are down to four. I'm sad that they are moving on, but I'm excited for them.
It made me happy that his mom was so pleased with it too. It was a fun evening.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Raingutter Regatta

My scouts are having a Raingutter Regatta race tomorrow. I had never heard of a Raingutter Regatta and didn't really know what it was. So a RR is like the Pinewood Derby, only instead of cars, the boys build boats. The hull of the boat is made of wood and it has a sail. The boys put their boats in a raingutter full of water and they have to blow it from one end to the other. One of my scouts needed help building his, so he came over tonight and we put it together and he painted it. I don't really know how it will do. I have the rudder and keel on the bottom drying. I don't even know if they are going to hold. I guess I'll take it out of the stands tomorrow morning before I go to work and if necessary, reglue them. I just hope it doesn't sink when he puts it in the water. I guess we'll see what happens.