Sunday, October 24, 2010

Host a Murder

Our latest adventure was a "Host a Murder" party. The theme was a disco murder... So we invited some of our friends over and we all dressed our parts.

The people who came were (left to right):
Dan (not in the photo) was Sonny. Dan has come to a few of our other activities.
Kevin (Bruce Lee) - Kevin is from our program at school.
Jeff (Andy Warhol) - Jeff works with Tonya and me at the CTL.
Julie (Gloria Steinem) - Julie is Jeff's wife.
Karl (Disco dancer (I forgot his name)) - Karl has come to another one of our date nights and is also in Jeff and Julie's ward.
Vibeke (Lyza) - roommate
Me (Cher)
Tonya (Diana Ross) - roommate

We had a really fun time and we laughed a lot as we put our costumes together and as we saw everyone else's costumes. Everyone acted their parts so well and we had a lot of fun.

We just made snack foods for everyone to munch on. We made veggies and hummus, chips and black bean salsa and guacamole. We also made ginger snaps and pumpkin dip and peanut clusters. It was so much fun and we enjoyed it alot. We didn't take any close-up pictures, but we all looked really good and had a lot of fun.

Lori was my make-up artist and hair specialist because I needed lots of help in that area.