Thursday, October 1, 2009

Idaho...good country folks

At the Center for Teaching and Learning we are working on a project for the Testing Center. As a part of the project we are trying to put all of the test set up and their answer key and everything online. BYU Idaho is doing some interesting things where the Testing Center actually prints the students' tests for them. Right now in our Testing Center in Provo, they do everything on paper and they want to do more online. So my roommate Tonya, Tom - the programmer at the CTL, and I came to Idaho to see their testing center and to talk to the director and instructors and to see it in action. We came up yesterday and we met with some people today and have had a really good experience. The director is really nice and we saw some really neat things that they are doing. I decided I really really like BYU Idaho. I remember coming up when Amy was here, and liking it then, but coming again is really good. I like that it is a small-town feel and there are more "country folks" and I'm a country folks too and I like it that way.