Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beginning a New Semester Is Fun

The last three days I have worked really hard preparing for this new semester. I am teaching a class on Literacy Development for teachers of English Language Learners. I finally solidified everything this morning. I decided I want my students to have something practical when they finish this semester, so I decided their final project (with parts all along the way) is going to be a book project. I want them to pick a book that they could teach to a class of ESL students. After we talk about each of our topics, I want them to create an activity or two that will correspond with their book that they have chosen. Then when they are finished with the semester, they will have a complete book project that they can take into a classroom that they enter. It would also be good if they are able to share, so not only will they walk away with their own, but they will also have one from each of their classmates. I hope they don't hate it! I think it would be really useful, but their viewpoint is often different than mine. I feel a little bit mean because they are going to have a lot to do, but I feel that it will be valuable.

So, I went to my Learning Theory class and I was the only person signed up for the class. I talked to the professor and we decided that it would be best if I just took it in the Fall. I am really pretty excited about it because I will have a break this spring. I have talked to the Center for Teaching and Learning and I will work for them starting on some projects probably next week. I'll probably only work 10 hours per week and then I'll teach my class. It is going to be a great summer!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

End of Semester

The semester has finally finished. I submitted my project and my grades today!!!!! Hooray! I was so excited about my final project (excited that it is finished, that is). It feels s/o good to have it done. You can check it out at this website

It is the last project listed (Units 7-8).

So now it's time to prepare for my first class on Wednesday. I need to work on a new syllabus. Shall I be a mean teacher or shall I be nice? I hope it's a good summer. I only have 8 students signed up for class. Won't that be nice?

Congratulations to Lori! Jordan, good luck on your last final!
And everyone else - Love you all!