Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Report and Update

I got to go home last weekend and saw the grandparents, Mom & Dad, Steven & Candace & family, and Amy & David & family. It was so much fun! Thank you all for the good times.

Monday night was our big special musical number at the Family Home Afternoon with the little ladies in our ward. I got home from work and found the RS program and realized that the FHA was actually going to be a potluck. Because I hadn't been home, I didn't have any food made. Tonya had made some zucchini bread, so we sliced it and took it. Our program also said it started at 5:30, so we took a few minutes to eat a little snack and to practice our song. We got there at 5:45 and they said that they decided to start at 5 instead, and had called everyone, but us. So we were super late, but we ate a little and visited and then we went into the living room for the "entertainment." They were disappointed that we only had one number to play, but then they all introduced themselves, and were so cute. We just love them so much. We think they are so much fun. We found out also that they all have season tickets at the Hale Center Theater and they were going to the play that night. I think it would be fun to join them. They were just as cute as could be. We want to invite them over sometimes too.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A new hobby

On church Sunday, we had lots of comments and smiles from different people. They thought we were pretty funny. Many of them said our write up "made [them] smile." Or laugh... :)

Before Relief Society one sister came up and asked us if we would please come to their Family Home Evening Enrichment group to introduce ourselves a little bit more. It seems like we have a lot of older sisters in the ward, which we really like. Anyway, then she said she noticed that we have a little band and she would really like us to play a little number at the FHE group. So we went home, and I don't have my recorder here and Michelle doesn't have her xylophone. Tonya got out her harmonica and said to try it, so I did. I figured out how to play some little songs. Last night after we did our painting for the evening, I told Vibeke and Tonya that we should go to the mall because I wanted to get my own harmonica. So we went and bought one.

When we got home, Tonya and I pulled out the Hymnbook and started playing different hymns trying to find one we could play for the little group. We had so much fun. It was really fun to learn how to play it and I think I should practice some more though. It was fun to learn a new hobby.

Welcome to the new ward

So, in case you didn't know, I moved to a new house (I know Mom said it is a miracle and that she thought it would never happen. We have been having a lot of fun since we moved in. None of is is getting any work done, but we are having tons of fun. Lately we have been fixing and painting the basement so some other girls can move in. It has been a lot of work, but a lot of fun to learn also.

When we went to our new ward, one of the sisters came up to us and asked us if we would write up an introduction to ourselves for the ward newsletter. We had so much fun writing it, so I thought I would share it with you. This way you can also get to know my roommates. Vibeke isn't in the write up because she is going to the singles ward in the stake. Michelle and Tonya are my new roommates.

Michelle Baron, Cary Johnson, & Tonya Tripp
Here’s a story of three lovely ladies who were single and looking for a spouse. They couldn’t find one, so they moved in together and that’s how they all became the bachelorette bunch.

We are originally from different states (Michelle-Massachusetts, Cary-Colorado, and Tonya-California), but we have been in Utah long enough to call it home. We met in the Instructional, Psychology, and Technology PhD program at BYU. We figured since we already spend our days and nights together, we might as well live together too. Upon moving in to the Peterson’s house, we discovered that we have seven crock pots, 60 lbs. of oats, more than enough paper products to supply the next ward party and enough Christmas villages to create a metropolis.
Together we have traveled to all 50 states, 5 continents, and 24 countries. We speak English,
Spanish, French, ASL, Chinese, Cambodian, and Vietnamese (Well, at least enough to haggle at the markets). We spend our evenings and weekends writing scholarly articles. We’ll even share our writing with you if you are in need of something to help you get to sleep at night.
Although we’re in graduate school, we prefer to read children’s books, and we have a few
thousand in our library to choose from.
Our hobbies include crocheting random household items, painting random household items, and going to yard sales to find random household items. We also enjoy running and swimming. We have run 2 marathons, 2 half marathons, and 20 5Ks, and according to our estimations, we have swam enough miles to cover the distance of the Nile River. We love cooking and baking, so we are glad we have a large kitchen. However, we are definitely in need of a second refrigerator to store all our creations. Our Sunday band consists of a harmonica, recorder, and xylophone, and the average age of our fan club is 85. This may be due to the fact that they are either hard of hearing or bed ridden.
In the future, we hope to get jobs at the same university in the same department, so we can continue to spend all our time together. If that doesn’t work out for us, we’re thinking of becoming the next hosts of Design on a Dime. Ultimately, were just “looking for a few good men.”