Saturday, July 31, 2010

The New Hobby Continued

So the Pioneer Day 5K in Manassa was not my best running day. I was disappointed that I didn't run well. I decided I had to keep trying though, so today I ran 3 miles, which actually turned out really well. It felt good and I made it just fine. I think I am starting to understand the "runner's high" - too bad I don't always feel it.

Some friends and I are going to run The Dirty Dash up the canyon in September. My roommate sent me a link to a news article about it too. Check out the picture. If anyone wants to come join us, feel free. It's going to be one big mess! But it should be really fun.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A New Hobby?

For Independence Day, Lori ran a half marathon, which I thought was pretty exciting. After watching her, I decided I wanted to start running. I have always thought I couldn't run, so I never really have. One mistake I made, was I told Lori that after watching her, it made me want to run. So she called me back later and made a recommendation that we run a marathon relay where 4 people run 1/4 of the marathon. Basically, each person would run a 10K or a little over 6 miles and that it was in 6 weeks. I thought, "There is no way in the world that I can do that." All of the training plans I have looked at suggest that it takes 6 or more to prepare for a 5K.

Anyway, I talked more to Lori and to my roommate, who is a runner, and they said I would be fine. Basically each week, I have to increase by one mile. Last week I ran one mile all the way. This week I am trying to work up to 2 miles. Next weekend is Pioneer day and in Manassa they have the Pioneer Day 5K. So Lori and I are going to run it. Eeks! What am I thinking?

Actually, I just barely got back from running 1 1/2 miles without stopping and I felt good. It really does feel good (when I'm done :))