Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A red sweater

Last year sometime Lori gave me a red sweater (a hand-me-up). I like the sweater a lot. She said that she didn't like it because it clashes with her hair, but I think I've discovered the real reason she doesn't like the sweater. I'm wearing the sweater today and it goes something like this. I went in the bathroom a few minutes ago and I could tell which stall I went in before. I can find every seat I've sat in today. My black pea coat has a red tint to it. I just de-linted my black pants because they were red too. Everything I've touched today has turned red.

OK- I think that's still not quite it. Really it comes down to the fact that she doesn't want this fabulous quote to be said of her, "She was wearin' her red, fuzzy sweater with her front all stickin' out..."

And one more thing...It's a cow neck sweater. I'm not sure I like the name of that. Does that mean I look more like Bossy or Twinkle-toes or Pencils?

Oh well...I'm still wearing the red fuzzy sweater and it actually looks really cute. Just don't look at everything I've touched today.