Monday, September 27, 2010

The Dirty Dash

The Dirty Dash was quite an event. Here is where I will chronicle it for you.

We started our Dirty Dash on Friday night when we had all of our team over for Taco Salad. We also made some Tres Leches cake. Mike and Jeff each brought their wives and Jenni came. All of our team consists of people that I work with.

Saturday morning, we traveled up the canyon to Soldier Hollow where they held part of the Olympic ski events. Just FYI, the Dirty Dash is a 10K with lots of crazy obstacles all along the way and a lot of mud. Here is our crazy team left to right:

  • Jeff - aka "Speed Freak"
  • Jenni - aka "Superwoman"
  • Me - aka "Batgirl"
  • Mike - aka Ninja
  • Tonya - aka Popeye

Here we are being so tough...

Look at those muscles! What a pyramid!

We took about 10-12 shots of this trying to get all three of us in the air at the same time. We laughed a lot.

We had to take a few of these to make sure we were all in the this picture too.

Someone decorated their van for the event. Most of the stuff on this van was fresh manure - man, did it smell. The back had a pig tail and everything.

From the start of the race, there was a big sprinkler that had been running for quite awhile. It was a sloppy mess. Then we ran awhile and then we crawled through the tubes. They had tubes of different sizes. I guess I picked the biggest one. I must have a little claustrophobia.

Check out this mud! MMMM-good. You may also notice some costumes of people in the background. There were definitely some interesting ones!

Here we are climbing over the walls. I went over the first one, but the next two were really hard because there was so much mud in front of them, that it was impossible to jump to push yourself over the wall. It was neat because everyone helped each other.

We made it that far. Not too bad so far!

Then we crossed this muddy, muddy stream and I couldn't get up. My feet kept spinning out. Finally the guy standing there helped me get up...

This was the nastiest, swampiest blackest mud. The background looks really good. The mud was nasty though, and smelly.

We ran a bunch more and then went down the largest slip and slide in the world. I didn't go down very fast. I kept getting stuck....

After the slip-n-slide, we had to crawl through the mud pit. It was really crazy. The mud was probably 18 inches - 2 feet deep and really soupy.

Here we are after we finished! Almost as clean as we started!

How about the mud?

So clean!

Here is where we changed into something a little cleaner after showering in the world's coldest outdoor shower before going home.

We came back to our house and ate some leftover taco salad from dinner the night before. We also looked at our pictures and had some good laughs. We were glad Jeff had his camera to document the journey around a very muddy track.

We took showers and naps and felt much better after the day's events! It was really fun, and probably something I would do again next year.