Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello, New York City!

For work, I have an opportunity to attend a conference to learn more about how to do better design and usability work. One of the very best conferences to attend is happening this week in New York City, so my roommate Tonya and I were able to come. But we decided to come a little bit early so we could get to know New York and also to have some fun.

Friday, we left Provo to come. We arrived about 3:30 into JFK and caught a taxi (something we won't ever do again because it is so expensive!) and went our hotel. Then we set out to explore New York. we walked to a little Indian restaurant and had some yummy food and then caught the subway into the center of the city.

We started walking around and it started to pour rain! And I mean POUR! So we stepped into Walgreens and we wandered around in there for a few minutes trying to see if we could wait it out. We went out for a little more and the it lightened up and then it started again. So we were in and out of stores to wait out the rain. Finally it passed over us and we headed over to the Rockefeller Center to look out over the city, but because it was cloudy, you couldn't see very well, so we switched our tickets. Instead we went to a park and sat for a long time and then we went and found one of the best-kept secrets - McDonald's (at least here) has fresh fruit smoothies and oh they are so good, especially on a hot, muggy night when you are tired and thirsty.

Here we are at Times Square. There are may advertisements, and they are big and well-lit! Check out this one!


Home on the Range said...

Good to see you are having so much fun. Hope you both enjoy the conference! Have fun! Mom

Lori said...

I miss you!! Come home soon, well have lots of fun. I' so glad you got to go!!